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Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle 5.25 oz. Swan Creek Candle Drizzle Melts

A fall favorite combines the familiar scents of pumpkin and caramel with seasonal spices

Drizzle Melts are reminiscent of the wonderfully delicious layered candy that we all remember from years past. Just place them in a wax warmer and enjoy the many fragrances!

  • Sold individually in one break-apart package
  • Wax Fill: 5.25 oz.
  • Made from 100% American Soybean Wax

Pumpkin Caramel Drizzle Wax Melt - Swan Creek

SKU: 751107022555
  • Swan Creek Drizzle Wax Melts will fill your space with enchanting scents for hours. These wax melts are made with 100% all-natural soybean and beeswax and melt in any wax warmer. Each container features six break-apart cubes that last 18-24 hours with triple-scented power. Everyone will enjoy the aromas of Swan Creek Drizzle Wax Melts.