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#1 Love others as yourself

  1.   Be kind. Don’t disturb others and give people as much space as you can. 

  2.   No pictures or videos of others.

  3.   Please don't bring your kids. We have no childcare and no appropriate space for your children to remain safe and non-disruptive to other members. 

  4.   16/17 year old members must have a parent or legal guardian present.

  5.   Don’t take up a machine if you are too busy texting, on social media, watching videos, etc. 

  6.   Use your headphones/earbuds. Be considerate when taking social phone calls.

  7.   Clean up after yourself and sanitize equipment after use.

  8.   Use equipment properly and return it to the appropriate place.

  9.   Don’t drop the weights or throw them at the wall. Use weights on the mat areas.

  10.   Wear shorts/pants. No offensive clothing. No bare chests. No jeans.

  11.   Wear athletic shoes. No open-toed shoes, dress shoes, boots or sandals.

  12.   The HydroMassage doesn’t like sharp objects. No pants with prominent grommets.

  13.   Don't share your health club access info, keytag and/or app barcode. 

  14.   No illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco or eCigarettes. 

  15.   No unauthorized personal training.

  16.   Horseplay is a no-go.

  17.   Keep belongings, including food and gum, in a locker and empty the locker when you leave.

Report any issues in-person Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 6:00 pm

or by email:


Wifi: LoveOak-gym / 12345678!

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