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Your medication, sorted and delivered

LOVE OAK is a full-service pharmacy focused on making medicine simple.


Pill Box

Pre-sorted Pills

We package your prescriptions and OTCs by the dose. Each packet is labeled with the date and time based on when you take them.

As-needed Meds

If you have medication you don’t take on a regular schedule, we’ll send it in a separate bottle.

Other Meds

We’ll fill inhalers, creams, custom compounds and refrigerated items like insulin. Need a special item? Just give us a call.

Free Delivery

If it's hard for you to visit us once a month, we can deliver to your door. Local delivery avilable in Eastland, Cisco, Ranger, Olden, and Breckenridge. Delivery by mail also available when needed.

Taking your medicine correctly every time 

helps you acheive your health goals.

Dr. Amanda Adams


"Customer service and your health means everything to us."

Dr. Benjamin McNabb


"You will love how we simplify your medicines and your life!"

Getting started on Pill Box is easy.

Tell us about your medication and insurance.
We transfer your prescriptions to our pharmacy.
We delivery your prescriptions to you every month at no extra cost.

We accept most major insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare.

Prefer your medication in bottles?

We have been doing that since the 1920s! We carry most prescription medication and accept most insurance.

Prescription Drugs


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Home Delivery

Loyalty Rewards

Medical Supply

OTC Medicine


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