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Dr. Benjamin McNabb of Love Oak Pharmacy participated in the National Community Pharmacists Association’s Steering Committee Forum. The annual two-day event in Alexandria, Va. is dedicated to wide-ranging, in-depth discussions of the role independent community pharmacies play in health care and how to best position them for the future. He/She was among 80 pharmacy professionals and student pharmacists who worked with NCPA staff to develop new initiatives that support independent community pharmacies and their patients for the coming year.

In communities across the nation, independent community pharmacies are a vital resource for patients. The evolving pharmacy marketplace — characterized by more and more Americans seeking prescription drug services; the government’s growing role as both a regulator and major purchaser of health care services; competition from mail order pharmacy companies; and technological advances — all ensure that the future viability of independent community pharmacies is predicated on their ability adapt.

There are six committees dedicated to addressing specific aspects of the challenges community pharmacies face on a daily basis, and how those issues impact the patients they serve. The committees are compounding; long-term care; emerging models; state legislation and regulatory affairs; national legislation and government affairs and technology. Ben serves on the emerging models committee, which focuses on new patient care models especially those associated with “The Three Aims” of providing higher quality care at an appropriate cost while providing metrics to demonstrate population impact. This committee provides their expertise and insight on issues such as the pharmacist’s role caring for patients using specialty pharmaceuticals as well as concepts around pharmacy networks providing patient care services of value to payers.

On April 8-9, each committee met and was presented with the results of a recently completed NCPA Member Priority Survey. Then the committees identified areas where they would work with staff over the coming year and created a timeline of goals and expectations based on the committee area of interest.


Founded in 1898, the National Community Pharmacists Association is the voice for the community pharmacist, representing 22,000 pharmacies that employ 250,000 individuals nationwide. Community pharmacies are rooted in the communities where they are located and are among America’s most accessible health care providers. To learn more, visit To learn more, go to, visit, or follow NCPA on Twitter @Commpharmacy.


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