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How To Make A Balloon Tree

Balloon Tree - Love Oak Pharmacy - Eastland, Texas

Supplies Needed:

  1. 2x4 lumber and other smaller scrap wood

  2. Concrete pillar forms

  3. 2 and 3 inch screws

  4. Painter's brown drop paper

  5. Spray can expanding foam

  6. Brown spray paint

  7. Brown rope twine

  8. Balloons of various sizes and shades

  9. Bamboo cane or dowel rods

Step One: form your structure

Use your 2x4s and other scrap lumber to form your tree. Start with a solid base and makes sure to add enough cross bracing to ensure structural stability. As you design the tree, place concrete pillar forms around the lower 2x4 frame to give the tree a more substantial and realistic look.

Step Two: add tree trunk texture

First, take a roll of brown painter's paper, crush and give it texture, twist it until it achieves a long rope-like appearance. Make sure to tie the ends with twine. Begin wrapping the paper around the tree securing the ends with screws. Wrap additional twine around the tree to help secure the paper. Use expanding spray foam to fill in gaps, spaces, and add additional texture. Tip: use gloves with spray foam... it's extremely sticky.

Balloon Tree - Love Oak Pharmacy - Eastland, Texas

Step Three: make it pretty

Use brown spray paint to add low-lights, shading, and visual interest. Next blow up a bunch of balloons! Try to use various sizes and shades of color. Tie balloons together to form pairs and twist the balloons around a dowel rod or bamboo cane to form balloon tree branch clusters. Finally, zip tie the balloon clusters to the tree.

Pro Tip: Add Christmas Lights for Extra Fun

Balloon Tree - Christmas Parade - Love Oak Pharmacy - Eastland, Texas

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