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Dilemma: A Decade of Chronic Pain

An Opening Reception for Anna Cowley Ford's pop-up art exhibit, Dilemma: A Decade of Chronic Pain, was be held on July 6th from 4:00 to 7:00pm at Love Oak Pharmacy.

About the Artist: Anna Cowley Ford uses her experience with chronic migraines and pain to create artwork that speaks to larger issues of disability, mental health, and chronic invisible illness. Using materials such as clay, video, medical objects and documents, Ford illuminates the social and domestic impacts of chronic conditions and expounds upon the sensory experience that occurs with migraines and pain. Anna is an Eastland, Tx native and 2007 Eastland High School graduate.

Love Oak Pharmacy was happy to host the exhibit and hundreds of people were exposed to Anna's amazing artwork over the course of a few weeks. Dr. Benjamin McNabb, owner of Love Oak Pharmacy, had this to say about the exhibit: "It's hard to relate to people who experience migraines, sever pain, and chronic pain. Anna's artwork helps us all visually experience what most of us will never physically experience. If we can better empathize with people who experience sever chronic pain, we can avoid judgment, be more understanding, be helpful, be kind, be patient, and be loving."

Anna's artwork couldn't be more relevant at this time in our history. Our country is experiencing a prescription opioid overdose epidemic that crosses all socioeconomic and demographic categories. Millions of Americans are struggling with chronic pain and unfortunately many are struggling with opioid addiction and abuse. As solutions are developed to help combat the epidemic, we must be careful not to stigmatize or burden those who have a legitimate medical need for pain reducing medication. Thank you Anna Cowley Ford for your hard work, contribution, and insight on the subject of sever and chronic pain.

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