• Dr. Benjamin McNabb

NOW OPEN: Frozen Yogurt @ Love Oak

Exciting news at Love Oak Pharmacy!

Our self-serve frozen yogurt bar is now open. Design your very own Fro-yo creation choosing from 8 soft-serve flavors and over 30 toppings. It is a delicious, fast, and fun experience for the entire family.

FroYo Creation Steps:

1. Grab a cup

2. Swirl it up

3. Top it off

4. Weigh and pay

Frozen yogurt has gained massive popularity in recent years and makes a great addition to our cafe and pharmacy. We think adding a self-serve frozen yogurt bar, to our in-store experience, is a modern spin on the traditional pharmacy soda fountain. In the old days, a pharmacy was the only place someone could go to get a custom made-to-order drink or ice cream creation. Now, because Coke and BlueBell are so readily available, the traditional pharmacy soda fountain has become irrelevant and mostly a forgotten novelty. Frozen yogurt however can't be purchased at the grocery store or online. Now our local customers will have a similar experience in which the only place you can get Fro-yo is at the local drug store. Our relaxing atmosphere is a great place to spend time with friends like the good old days. We hope to see you soon!


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