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Love Oak Pill Box

Introducing the Love Oak Pill Box. Love Oak’s Pill Box system helps patients remain adherent to medication by proactively managing prescription refills. Our pharmacy helps patients pick up ALL of their medicine in a single trip to the pharmacy and we organize pills using unique pre-sorted multi-dose pill packaging. It is like a disposable customized pillbox. This eliminates multiple pill bottles, makes medicine time simple, and eliminates forgetfulness issues. Each pill packet lists the date, time, and drugs to be taken, making medicine time fast, easy, and error proof. The Love Oak Pill Box simplifies your medication and helps you take care of yourself or your loved ones at home with ease.

We want to be your pharmacy! It is easy to transfer your prescriptions to Love Oak Pharmacy. Call 254-629-1791 and talk to either of our friendly pharmacists, Dr. Benjamin McNabb or Dr. Amanda Adams.

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