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Caregivers & Providers

Love Oak Pill Box

We make complex medication regimens easy. We help patients pick up ALL of their monthly medications in a single trip to the pharmacy and help organize pills by day and time in our custom adherence packaging. By allowing us to coordinate refills and organize medications, patients will remain more adherent, which leads to better health outcomes. Bulky pill bottles and forgetfulness issues become a thing of the past. The Love Oak Pill Box takes the hassle out of taking multiple daily medications, helping you take care of your loved ones or patients with ease. Best of all, this service is totally FREE!


  • Help your loved one stay at home longer and avoid the nursing home.

  • Gain peace of mind knowing your loved one is taking their medication correctly.

  • Our team will help you coordinate medication refills and reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy. Saving you time and frustration!

  • Quality service, at no extra cost.

  • Open line of communication.



(Home Health & Healthcare Providers)

  • Medication adherence directly impacts patient health outcomes & hospitalization rates

  • Monthly medication reconciliation reduces medication errors

  • Monthly pharmacist chronic care calls help patients achieve health goals and increases education

  • Assists in improving quality measures

  • Increases quality time between patient & provider by eliminating sorting and med reconciliation

  • Comprehensive active medication list with adherence percentages always available

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