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  • 100% cruelty-free synthetic bristles
  • Designed and tested by our team of makeup artists
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Includes: Concealer and Shading Brush | Shading Brush | Orbit Crease Brush | Angled Eyeliner Brush

Rose Gold Smokey Eye Brush Set - Basicare

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  • Achieve stunning smokey eyes with this glamorous Rosé Smokey Eye Brush Set that comes with every tool you’ll ever need to conquer makeup trends, from naturally flawless, to bright and bold.
    Our Rosé Brushes are crafted with 100% cruelty-free synthetic bristles and are not tested on animals.
    All Rosé makeup brushes have been designed and tested by our team of makeup artists. Each brush has been ergonomically designed to improve the ease of use and to deliver a flawless finish with every application.

    Brush set includes:
    Concealer and Shading Brush: Precisely apply makeup on facial areas under eyes and around the nose.
    Shading Brush: Small, soft rounded head designed for the delicate eye.
    Orbit Crease Brush: Beveled tip for an effortless crease line and precise blending.
    Angled Eyeliner Brush: Especially designed for precision eyelining.