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With a gorgeous sleek finish and large oval mirror, Vera makes every beauty session feel like a true MOMENT, even if you're just applying moisturizer. But Vera is not all form and no function. In addition to a heavy, non-slip base and a 45-degree tilt, she has three dimmable LED settings and a 30-min auto-shutoff. No wonder Good Housekeeping crowned her Best Cordless Makeup Mirror.


Classy, Bougie, Lit...


Vera is the answer to “how’d you do that with your makeup?”

With her slim, modern design and brilliant lighting, Vera will be looking (almost) as fine as you’ll feel - day and night


Because Great Lighting Matters


The wrong lighting leads to countless beauty mishaps - can you say unblended makeup and heavy-handed bronzer? Eliminate the guesswork! Put your best face forward and get an instant upgrade with Fancii’s Tru-Glow™ lighting system. It simulates the full color spectrum created by natural sunlight so you can see your reflection in its true-to-life glory.


The Mirror That Never Lies


Expertly calibrated with an industry-leading color rendering index (CRI) of 95+, Vera shows you the most vivid, color-accurate details of your face that you can count on. With a reflection that’s 2X brighter and 81% clearer than your average mirror, you can feel confident that you look great every time you walk out the door.


Customizable Lighting Tailored to You


Feel confident in your makeup and skincare routine with 3 dimmable color settings that simulate day, night, indoors or outdoors lighting conditions. Seamless touch dimming feature allows for limitless brightness options.

• Natural Daylight - best for applying makeup
• Neutral Light - best for fine details like tweezing
• Soft White - best for night-time skincare routines


It's All In The Details


Whether you want to zoom in to catch that rogue chin hair, or want to ensure your eyeliner is looking pristine - we’ve got you covered. Enter Lara; a magnetically detachable 10X magnifying mirror that seamlessly attaches to your Vera (sold separately.)

Chrome Vera Oval Vanity Mirror with 3 LED Light Settings - Fancii

SKU: 672468000313
    • Next generation Tru-Glow™ Lighting System is 2x brighter than your average
    • High CRI (95+) shows true-to-life colour-corrected details of your face
    • Ring-light design provides complete coverage of your face
    • 3 dimmable LED light settings simulate day, evening and indoor environment
    • Premium, distortion-free glass reduces glare and offers an 81% clearer image
    • Go green and save batteries with Vera's rechargeable design

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